The Instagram content source is able to retrieve images from a users Instagram feed.

This content source was added to Zentools2 in v2.2.0.

Please note: This content source is a somewhat limited implementation due to a recent tightening of the use of Instagram content embedded on a users website. Instagram have implemented a much tighter use of the developer api which means that individual clients using the Instagram API need to be granted permission to use the API.

For information on submitting your client to Instagram please see this doc on the Instagram website.

Zentools2 has no way of determining whether your submission will be accepted, it merely provides the functionality required in order to retrieve images from a users stream.




Instagram using the backstretch slideshow

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Zentools caches the response from Instagram in your Joomla cache folder in order to provide an optimised experience for your users. The cache can be refreshed after a number of hours as specified in your module settings.


Layout tags available for Instagram:

  • image
  • introtext
  • author
  • date
  • readmore
  • tagblock
  • likes
  • comments
  • address
  • map
  • filter
  • user_details
  • social buttons: pinit, like and tweet


Content options for Instagram:

The following settings determine the number of items that are displayed by the module.

Count Options

Instagram Settings


Determines the number of items to display.


Cache refresh Determines the number of hours after search results have been cached before the module should look for new results. In generally you should make this some extraordinarily high number as in most uses cases once the correct results have been achieved there will be no need to update those results.


Access Details

Instagram Authorisation

This area of the settings are where the authorisation details need to be added for your Instagram Client. Instagram uses the word client in the same way that Facebook may use the app. It essentially denotes a specific instance where a website or external source is granted access to the Instagram API.

Follow these steps to create a client on the Instagram Developer site.

1. Create an account on Instagram if you have not already done so.

Instagram Account

2. Login to your Instagram account and navigate to the Instagram developer page.

Instagram Developer

3. Click Register your application or manage clients in the top toolbar.

Instagram Register Client

4. At this point if you already have an Instagram client you want to use skip to point 5 otherwise follow points 4a and 4b to create a new client.

4.a - Register a new client

Click the register a new client button.

Instagram Register Client

4.b - Fill out the information required to register a new account

  • Application Name: Create a name to describe your use.
  • Description: Add some text to describe how you are going to use Instagram
  • Company Name: Enter your company name
  • Website url: The url of the website you will be using the Client on
  • Valid redirect url: For use in Zentools simply add the website url for this option.
  • Privacy Policy Url: Add the same url as the Website Url
  • Contact Email: Add your contact email
  • Click on the security tab and disable the checkbox next to Disable implicit OAuth
  • Enter the reCaptcha text and click the Register button.

5. Make a note of your Instagram Client ID

Instagram Client Client

6. Make a note of your Instagram redirect URI

Instagram Redirect Client

7. In your Zentools2 module enter the Instagram Client ID from step 5.

Instagram Redirect Client

8. In your Zentools2 module enter the Instagram redirect URL

Instagram Redirect Client

9. Click the Get Access Token Button

Get Access Token

10. After clicking the button a popup will load in the browser. The Access Token is a string of letters and numbers in the popup url window after the text #access_token=

Access Token

11. Enter this token in the Instagram token field and then save your module.

Zentools Access Token

User Id

In order to return results in the module you need to add a user id. The user id is a numerical value associated with the users account. This is not their username.

Instagram Search

There are a number of online tools that can be used to find the user id. We like this tool.

Instagram Search

To find the user if simply:

1. Add the username to the input box.


2. Click the search icon

Search Button

3. Copy the user id

User Id

4. Paste it into the User Id area in the Zentools2 module

Zentools2 User Id