Joomla Tag Content

The Joomla Tag Content source can be used to display Joomla items based on their tag. This is a cross-category way of displaying related articles that are connected via one of their tags.

This content source was added to Zentools2 in v2.2.0.



Joomla Tag Content Example

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This content source differs from Joomla Tags in that it displays the actual content of each tag. The Joomla Tag content source will only display the tag itself. 


Layout tags available for Joomla Tag Content:

  • introimage
  • fulltext image
  • title
  • author
  • category
  • introtext
  • fulltext
  • readmore
  • video - Youtube or vimeo video embedded in the introtext
  • date
  • tags
  • metadescription
  • social buttons: pinit, like and tweet


Content options for Joomla tags:

The following settings determine the number of items that are displayed by the module.

Count Options



Determines the number of items to display


Determines the number of items to offset from the first item that would normally be displayed. eg if you want to retrieve the latest items available but skip the first two results you would add the number 2 to this option. This may be a helpful way to have multiple modules on the same page that retrieve items from the same category or tag and avoid displaying duplicate content.


Content Selection

The following options determine which content is displayed in the module.

This area determines what content is used in the module.

List Filter

tag filter

The input with the placeholder text that says “Start typing to filter list of items” that are displayed in the list of available items. This is a useful way of sorting through a long list of categories, items or tags.

Select tags

select tags

The list of items can be used to select a single item or multiple items for use in your module. Use the command or ctrl key on your computer to select multiple items.

Limit per category

limit category

This option can be used to specify the number of items to be retrieved from a specific tag or category. Leaving the box empty means that there will be no limit applied to the items retrieved. The input fields that refer to the tag are automatically displayed when they are selected in the select tags list.


Content Ordering and Filtering

The following options determine the ordering of content and other filtering options.




Determines the order to display the items in. eg order, reverse order, alphabetical, alphabetical reverse, random


Featured Items


Determines whether the content will be filtered based on their featured state.


Archived Items


Determines whether the content will be filtered based on their archived state. This is a new feature available for Zentools2 and makes it possible to use the module as an content archive module. Please read this blog post for instruction on how to archive items in Joomla3.


Retrive Child tag content

child tags

If set to no only content assigned to the selected tag will be displayed. otherwise if this option is enabled and if the selected tag is parent to other tags then items from theselected tags child tags will also be included in the module display.


Link Behaviour


Link Type

This option determines the value of the link used in the module for each item.

link type

Item Link - This option is the default behaviour and links to the content item that is being displayed.

Alternate Links - Joomla has the ability to add an alternative link to attach to an item. These are called Link A, Link B and Link C and can be found in the Images and links tab in the content manager. The Alternate link option uses the value assigned to the Link A value for each content item. Please see this blog post on using alternative Joomla item links for more information.

Manual Links - Zentools2 also has the ability to assign a manually created link for use in each item. This is a list of links that are added in the text area that is shown when this option is enabled. Each link should be added to a new line. Each link is then assigned to the item in the module output according to this order. This means the first link will be assigned to the first item, the second link will be applied to the second item and so on. Because the order of the links is tied to the order of the items that are displayed it is not possible to use the random order option to display your content when using the manual link option.

manual links notes

Use Item link as a fallback

fallback link

This option refers to the Link Type setting if Alternate Link or manual Links is enabled. When this option is enabled if the item does not have a link assigned in either the Link A in the item settings or in the Manual Link area then the default item link will be used. This option makes it possible to display items with mixed link destinations, where items will either link to the item being displayed or to a different link specified in the Link A or External link area.

If this option is disabled then there will be no link attached to an item. This also makes it possible to display items that include manually created links or no links at all.