The Spotify content source is able to retrieve songs, artist and album information from the Spotify music streaming service and display them on your Joomla site.

This content source was added to Zentools2 in v2.2.0.



Spotify Example displaying an album search result using "tycho dive" as the search query

No content found. Please refine your module content settings.

Displaying an artist search result using "tycho" as the search query with small player

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Displaying 5 songs that have the word black in the title

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Zentools caches the response from Spotify in your Joomla cache folder in order to provide an optimised experience for your users. The cache can be refreshed after a number of hours as specified in your module settings.


Layout tags available for Spotify:

  • image
  • preview
  • artist
  • title
  • tracklist
  • date - only relevant for Album search type. All other searches this element will return null.
  • readmore
  • social buttons: pinit, like and tweet


Content options for Spotify:

The following settings determine the number of items that are displayed by the module.

Count Options

Spotify Settings


Determines the number of items to display. In the case of displaying an album or artist information you would need to set this to 1 to retrieve only one album or artist profile.

Search Type The search type determines the type of information you want to retrieve from Spotify.

Track search: renders single songs based on search criteria.

The image below shows the track image with the track preview below it.

Spotify Track View


Artist search: renders artists based on the search crtiteria and their top ten songs;

The screenshot below shows a two column layout using the grid layout with the artist image, artist name and tracklisting in the left column and the preview in the right column. The songs in the preview are the top ten artists according to Spotify statsitics based on the country entered into the country search setting.

Spotify Artist View


Album search: references albums based on the search criteria and the songs from the album.

The image below displays an album view with the album image and the artist name in the left column and the preview element in the right column. The songsin the preview are the songs on the album.

Album View


Search Country This setting only applies to the artist search type and is needed in order to return the most popular songs for the artist according to the search country.


Cache refresh Determines the number of hours after search results have been cached before the module should look for new results. In generally you should make this some extraordinarily high number as in most uses cases once the correct results have been achieved there will be no need to update those results.


Working with the preview element

One of the Key features of the Spotify source is the ability to display the Spotify music widget.

Spotify has some strict rules on how the player is embedded on the site. For an extensive overview check out the Spotify Web Player page.

In a nutshell the player responds to the height of the Preview element.


A smaller height of 100px as an example will render a thin web player without the playlist displayed.


Small Playlist


Small Playlist Settings


A larger height of 600px will extend the playlist in the module and display the widget at it’s greatest height and width.


Large Spotify Playlist


Large Spotify Playlist Settings