Images in a folder

Zentools2 provides the ability to reference images from any folder in your Joomla site and then use those images in any of the Zentools2 galleries.

Using images in a folder is ideal for those times that you need to create a simple image gallery from images you already have uploaded to your website and don't require extensive meta-data or extra information displayed in the module.


A maximum 3 column grid using the boxed layout.

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Image folder is used for the category tag

When using this content source the name of the folder that the image is found in is used as the category name. Using the folder name in this way makes it possible to use advanced layouts such as the filter layout which makes it possible to create a layout that filters images based on their folder (category) as in the example below. 

  • Show All
  • people
  • unsplash2
  • deathtostockphoto
  • Default
  • Asc
  • Desc
  • Random

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Ordering images when using images from a folder

There are two ways in which to determine which images are referenced form a folder. 

Sort within folder first

When the sort within folder first option is enabled images are retrieved by title (default), title reverse (reverse) or random. Enabling the Sort within folder first option allows you to select different images from within each folder before they are merged into the main array of images used in the module.

When this option is disabled images are retrieved from the folder using the title alphabetical order.

Display Order 

The display order is applied to the entire array of images and determines whether the images are ordered according to title (default), title reverse (reverse) or randomly.


Limit the display of images per folder

As with most of the other content sources handled by Zentools2 it is possible to limit the number of items retrieved from each folder. This means that you can specify the total number of items that should be referenced from a given folder easily in the module admin. Leaving the limit per category field blank will not limit the number of items referenced from the given folder.


Tags available for the images from a folder option

  • title
  • image
  • category (folder)
  • tweet
  • pinit
  • like