Joomla as a content source

Zentools is able to reference your standard Joomla content and a great range of standard Joomla content fields in any Zentools2 layout.

There are two methods provided to select the content from your Joomla content. These include the ability to specify the display of specific items or to reference items from selected categories.


An example layout displaying a single item in the boxed layout.


Layout options

Tags available for display using Joomla as a content source:

  • introimage
  • fulltext image
  • title
  • author
  • category
  • introtext
  • fulltext
  • readmore
  • video - Youtube or vimeo video embedded in the introtext
  • date
  • tags
  • metadescription
  • social buttons: pinit, like and tweet

Content options


The number of items to display in the module


Select from items or categories

Determines whether to select specific items or reference items from selected categories.


Item display

When items are selected a multi-select list of items becomes available that lists all current items published on the site.


Category display

When categoryies is selected the list of available categories is shown in a multi-select list. 


Limit per category

When a category is select a secondary input appears that allows the user to specify the number of items to display from that category. This allows the user to restrict the number of items displayed from specific categories in the module. 



Determines the orde rin which you wish to display the selected items.


Featured Items

Determines whether or not to not show featured items, only show featured items or show both featured and non featured items.