K2 Categories

K2 Categories displays the image, title and description from any K2 category. The link when applied to an item links to the K2 category blog view of the specific category.


A single K2 category in a 2 column list layout

  • World Industries skate or die tailslide boneless bruised heel frontside air lip. Bluntslide trucks death box casper slide flail 180. Backside Steve Robert skater fakie drop in goofy footed powerslide. Fakie hang-up hurricane method air bigspin Eric Koston bearings.



Options available for the K2 category view

  • Count - specifies the number of items to display
  • Ordering - select between order, reverse order, alphabetical, alpha reverse and random
  • Select categories - A multi-select list of K2 categories

Layout tags available for K2 categories:

  • image
  • title
  • introtext
  • tweet
  • pinit
  • like