Zentools2 Feature list

Content Sources

Zentools2 is able to reference content from the following sources:

  • JoomlaTake your Joomla content to the next level
  • Joomla Categories - Create an overview of articles for your blog
  • Joomla Tags - Make more use of the Joomla tagging system
  • Joomla Banners - Built in support for Joomla banners
  • Joomla contacts - Create a contact list and author profile module from your Joomla contacts
  • K2 Items - Make use of the extensive content tools available for K2
  • K2 Categories - Create an overview of your K2 content.
  • K2 Authors - Create an author list for your K2 content
  • Images in a folder - reference multiple folders in the same module.
  • Curated galleries - custom built gallery using a slick drag and drop interface and exif capabilities.




Zentools2 is capable of creating an astounding array of layouts. Check out the list of layouts available below:

  • Responsive Grid - Set a maximum number of columns for grid and have it display your content  at optimum widths across different screen sizes.
  • Slideshow - Backstretch fullscreen, slideshow with thumbnail carousel and simple content slideshows.
  • Carousel - Responsive carousel with autoplay and responsive controls
  • Filter - Create a filtered list or grid of content using your content tags or category.
  • Accordion - Elegant and screen aware accordions for displaying your content
  • Pagination - A paginated list of items with css transitions and animations
  • Masonry - Complex jig-saw like grid layouts for fluid, flexible and fun layouts.
  • Stacked - A parallax like layout that fixes your images in place as your content scrolls by.
  • Single Image Gallery - Link a single item to a lightbox gallery of images
  • Leading item then list - display the first item in your module and then a list of related items underneath
  • Caption - A grid based layout with 7 effects when the user hovers over each item
  • Expanding Preview - A grid based layout with that expands to show the full information for each item.
  • List - A simple list layout for creating 1,2,3 or 4 column lists
  • Grouped - A column based layout that groups items in category based columns



An intuitive Interface with easy setup

Zentools2 features an intuitive interface that behaves like a setup wizard when create new instances of the module. Each stage of creating the module is dynamically presented to the user to make creating each instance of the module as effortless as possible.

There are 5 basic steps for creating simple layouts with one or two extra steps thrown in for fine tuning or creating more advanced layouts. Creating beautiful galleries in Joomla has never been this easy.



Take a look at some of the other features baked into Zentools2:

Responsive and social lightbox

Zentools2 features an elegant responsive lightbox with Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google plus sharing functionality.

Advanced theming

Easily change colours, widths, gutters, lightbox overlays and more via the module admin. Apply your style to one module or all modules.

Drag and drop layout tool

Use the layout tool to determine the module layout - drag and drop items where you want them with the click and drag of a mouse.


Granular responsive control

Easily hide or show items within the layout across 4 different screen sizes. Each breakpoint can be configured in the module's theme panel.

Retrieve exif data

When using the curated gallery as your content source you can retrieve the exif details from your images and have them automatically populated and added to your gallery item.

Image loader and lazyloading

Display an image loading animation and message for selected layouts. Layout such as slideshow and carousel come with lazyloading images built right in.


Equal heights

Layouts including grids and masonry layouts come with the ability to force all items in the layout to have equal heights.

Built in image resizing

Our custom image resizer resizes your images on the fly and caches the result to speed up your site's speed. There are 7 crop and resize types to choose from.

Prebuilt image effects

Easily make your images round or rounded or apply any of the 5 border and shadow styles.


Social Sharing

Add Facebook like, Twitter tweet and Pinterest Pinit buttons to each content item to start spreading your message through your favourite social network.

A screen aware accordion

The accordion layout features the ability to reposition the newly opened accordion item in the screen area to avoid having activated content off the screen. This is particularly handy for mobile audiences.

Marginless layouts

The grid, carousel, masonry and expanding preview layouts feature the ability to remove margins from the grid to force each item sit right next to eachother. Great for neatly positioning items right net to eachother.


Limit items per category

Zentools2 can easily display multi-category content allowing you to restrict the number of items displayed from each category.

Image resizer

Our custom image resizer resizes your images on the fly and caches the result to speed up your site's speed. There are 7 crop and resize types to choose from.

Animated grid effects

Grid layouts have the option to apply a slick staggered fade and bounce affect for when the item first appears on the page.



Zentools2 is our flagship extension and we will be adding even more
content sources, layouts and features in the coming months.